Understanding ROS Build Systems

A build systems is a functional program or scripts developed to automate and simplify compiling and linking source code.  A meta-build system like CMake  generates native makefiles and workspaces that can be used in the compiler environment of your choice. CMake is a powerful open-source cross-platform set of tools designed to build, test and package…Read more Understanding ROS Build Systems

Troubleshooting: Rosbuild to Catkin migration

Migrating from Rosbuild to Catkin can be accomplished using the ros-industrial catkinize script as described in Quickly migrating from Rosbuild to Catkin. Although this script attempts to replace rosbuild commands with catkin ones, some errors arise when compiling using the catkin_make command. This troubleshooting guide covers steps to take after catkinizing a package. Update messages…Read more Troubleshooting: Rosbuild to Catkin migration