Troubleshooting: Rosbuild to Catkin migration

Migrating from Rosbuild to Catkin can be accomplished using the ros-industrial catkinize script as described in Quickly migrating from Rosbuild to Catkin. Although this script attempts to replace rosbuild commands with catkin ones, some errors arise when compiling using the catkin_make command. This troubleshooting guide covers steps to take after catkinizing a package. Update messages…Read more Troubleshooting: Rosbuild to Catkin migration

How the Intel RealSense R200 camera works

The Intel RealSense R200 is a USB powered long range stereoscopic camera that can be used for robotics and HCI computer vision applications. About the camera The camera consists of two infrared and one full HD colour imaging sensors, as well as an infrared laser projection system. As a result, the camera provides three video…Read more How the Intel RealSense R200 camera works

ROS performance testing: C++ vs Python

ROS supports both Python and C++ programming languages, however, using Python can come at a performance cost. I did an experiment to test this by writing four combinations of publisher to subscriber and then checking whether the real loop rate (of the publisher) is equal to the actual loop rate of the subscriber. The combinations…Read more ROS performance testing: C++ vs Python

Getting started with ROS nodelets

ROS nodes communicate using TCP/IP protocol which might be too slow for applications that require sending large amounts of data (like 3D point clouds or video streams). For processes running on the same computer, a pointer to the data can be sent rather than sending the data itself over TCP/IO. The Intel RealSense Robotics Development…Read more Getting started with ROS nodelets

Understanding ROS and Gazebo error messages: a beginner’s guide

ROS error messages Sometimes ROS can give you really detailed error messages that you struggle to fix as a beginner. The first thing to try is roswtf. This command will run checks on your system to try find any problems (warnings and errors). Here is a non-exhaustive list of how to decipher some typical ROS…Read more Understanding ROS and Gazebo error messages: a beginner’s guide